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客户评价 💬

  • “Fast, trustworthy, and communicative. Thank you for helping us with our apostille.”​

  • (原文翻译)“快速、值得信赖、善于沟通。 感谢您帮助我们进行海牙认证。”​

​👤 Jessica E. / 来自加州


  • “Many thanks for your help! I will definitely recommend your services to others”​

  • (原文翻译)“非常感谢你们的帮助! 我一定会向其他人推荐你们的服务”

​👤 Sook M. / 来自纽约州


  • ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️​

​👤 Dieya B. / 来自纽约州


  • “Excellent service. I received great and fast service.”​

  • (原文翻译)“出色的服务。我得到了优质而快捷的服务。”

​👤YG G. / 来自佛罗里达州


  • ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️​

​👤 Sabiha M. / 来自马耳他


  • “Getting the Apostille on-line was easy and quick.”

  • (原文翻译)“在线办理海牙认证,既简单又快捷。”

👤 Astrid J. / 来自密苏里州


  • ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

👤 Olga G. / 来自马里兰州


  • “Thanks for letting me know that the Apostille is done. I'll keep an eye out for the shipping confirmation with the tracking number. I appreciate your help with this. You've been great to work with, and I'll definitely consider using your service again in the future.”​

  • (原文翻译)“感谢你们告诉我海牙认证已经完成。我会密切关注带有跟踪号码的发货确认。 很感谢你们在这方面的帮助。与你们合作非常愉快,我将来一定会考虑再次使用你们的服务。”​

👤 Alyona L. / 来自华盛顿州


  • “Excellent service! Very reliable. Thank You”

  • (原文翻译)“很好的服务!非常可靠。谢谢”​

👤 Karina K. / 来自北卡莱罗纳州


  • “Fast service and excellent communication with the customer. Thank you guys!”

  • (原文翻译)“快速的服务、与客户沟通的能力优秀。感谢你们!”


👤 Alex F. / 来自西班牙


  • “ANSC was a life saver for having my FBI Background Check apostille in a very short period of time.

    I had a few issues with the document submission instructions related to the need for DHL return of the apostille document but my confusion was quickly and efficiently addressed by the help desk.

    But the really rabbit they pulled out of the hat was the the background check as returned apostille, by the State Department, in a little over three weeks when the quoted time for apostille with the State Department was 11 weeks.

    They are good.”

  • (原文翻译)“美国公证认证中心是个救星,帮我在很短的时间内获得了FBI无犯罪记录的海牙认证。


    但真正让人出乎意料的是他们的妙计,仅用3周多一点的时间就完成了国务院的海牙认证,而国务院的海牙认证所需处理时间是 11 周。


👤 Peter K. / 来自西班牙


  • “What can I say… excellent service and prompt delivery of my marriage cert that needed to be legalized by state dept and consulate… I highly recommend them and will absolutely use their service again next time… very happy”

  • (原文翻译)“我能说什么......优质的服务,并及时交付了我的结婚证书,该结婚证书需要由州务卿和领事馆认证......我强烈推荐他们,下次绝对会再次使用他们的服务......非常高兴”


👤 Anggerik M. / 来自马来西亚 


  • “I recently had the pleasure of using the American Notary Service Center for my notarization needs, and I must say, my experience was outstanding from start to finish. I am compelled to share my positive experience due to the exceptional service I received.

    First and foremost, I was pleasantly surprised by the simplicity of the entire process. The website was user-friendly and provided clear instructions on what documents were needed and how to proceed. This simplicity made the initial steps incredibly straightforward, saving me both time and stress.

    Moreover, the communication from the American Notary Service Center was impeccable. Throughout the process, I received prompt updates and notifications, keeping me informed every step of the way. Their team demonstrated a high level of professionalism, ensuring that I was always aware of the status of my request. This clear communication instilled confidence in the service they provided.

    One aspect that truly stood out was the accuracy of the time frame. The service was not only efficient but also adhered precisely to the stated timeline. This reliability was a testament to their commitment to customer satisfaction and their dedication to delivering services in a timely manner.

    Overall, my experience with the American Notary Service Center was exceptional. The simplicity of the process, coupled with their clear communication and adherence to timelines, made my notarization process stress-free and efficient. I highly recommend their services to anyone in need of notary services. Kudos to their team for their outstanding professionalism and commitment to excellence!”

  • (原文翻译)“我最近有幸使用美国公证认证中心来满足我的公证需求,我必须说,我的体验自始至终都非常出色。由于我收到的卓越服务,我不得不分享我的积极经历。






👤 Sakib M. / 来自卡塔尔


  • ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

👤 Quan L. / 来自台湾


  • “I just received my authenticated diploma via DHL today.  Thank you very much for keeping me updated through the whole process and for always replying to my emails. If any of my friends need any documents notarized in the US, I will recommend ANSC to them for sure.”

  • (原文翻译)“我今天刚刚通过 DHL 收到了经过认证的文凭。 非常感谢你们在整个过程中让我了解最新情况并始终回复我的电子邮件。 如果我的朋友需要任何在美国公证的文件,我肯定会向他们推荐 ANSC(美国公证认证中心)。”

👤Taejoon K. / 来自泰国


  • “Excellence service!”

  • (原文翻译)“卓越的服务!”

👤 Mark S. / 来自内华达州


  • AMSC (ANSC) has been amazing at getting my documents apostilled for me whether I am overseas or stateside. I greatly appreciate the time and communication they invest into each person.

  • (原文翻译)“无论我是在海外还是在美国,美国公证认证中心都非常出色地为我办理了海牙认证。非常感谢他们为每个人投入的时间和沟通。”


👤 Morgan P. / 来自荷兰


  • “Exactly what I needed, fast and easy. I also could track everything to make sure I got the documents on time. I especially loved that I could send it directly to a foreign country. Thanks you!"

  • (原文翻译)“正是我所需要的,又快又简单。我还可以跟踪一切以确保按时收到文件。我特别喜欢的一点是可以直接寄到国外。感谢您!”

👤 Carmen G. / 来自纽约


  • “They are completely amazing! I thought that I wouldn’t be able to study abroad because I couldn’t apostille my documents in time, but they gave me a solution and made it possible! 10/10 would recommend and use again"

  • (原文翻译)“他们真是太棒了! 我以为无法出国留学了,因为不能及时认证完我的文件,但他们给了我一个解决方案,使之成为可能! 10/10(完美) 会推荐并再次使用”

👤 Gabriel C. / 来自纽约


  • “I used this service to help me notarize documents for a Taiwan visa in 2022. They were very professional and helpful every step of the way. The notarization process took a very long time on the US State Department side, but ANSC kept me updated the entire time in order to alleviate my concerns. Once the process was done and the documents were ready to go, they were very prompt and accommodating in shipping them to me, even though I was already overseas. If I have similar needs again, I will definitely use ANSC's services again. Thank you so much!"

  • (原文翻译)“2022年,我用这项服务帮助我公证了用于申请台湾签证的文件。过程中的每一个步骤,他们都非常专业,而且很有帮助。美国国务院环节花了很长时间,但ANSC一直向我更新最新情况,以缓解我的担忧。一旦流程完成并且文件准备就绪,即使我已经在海外,他们也非常迅速和乐于助人地把文件寄给我。如果我再有类似的需求,我一定会再次使用ANSC的服务。太感谢了!”

👤 Cuyler J. / 来自马里


  • “I ordered one document apostille service, on line. Fast, nice, courteous and good quality. Tracking and update also excelent."

  • (原文翻译)“我在网上订购了一份文件海牙认证服务。快速、友善、礼貌、质量好。跟踪和更新也很出色。”

​​​👤 Helio C. / 来自加州


  • “Thank you so much! You guys are awesome! I definitely want to recommend you to all the guys out here if they need to get things done. You are the guys to go to!"

  • (原文翻译)“非常感谢!你们太棒了!我绝对想把你推荐给这里所有需要把事情做好的人。你们才是该去找的人!”

👤 Davin R. K. A. / 来自阿联酋


  • “Found this service from a random google search and I'm so glad I did! ANSC have been instrumental in my process to get documents authenticated for a worker's visa in China. It's a nightmare of a process that requires numerous steps and dealing with multiple government agencies. ANSC really streamlined and made everything easy for me. I tried contacting the Chinese embassy on my own, though they were so slow to respond. The embassy paid attention to me and responded quickly once I got ANSC in the mix. It's a bit pricey, but after everything was said and done, it was well worth it for me. I was on a time crunch, and ANSC have been extremely prompt in their replies, friendly, and were sympathetic to my situation. I could tell they were trying to expedite the process and give me as much information as possible every time I incessantly inquired about updates. You definitely don't need ANSC's services to get authentications or visa paperwork done, but they certainly alleviate some headaches along the way."

  • (原文翻译)“从一个随机的谷歌搜索中发现了这项服务,我很高兴我这么做了!ANSC在我获得中国工作签证文件认证的过程中发挥了重要作用。这是一个噩梦般的过程,需要大量的步骤以及和多个政府机构打交道。ANSC真的简化了流程,让一切都变得简单。我试着自己联系中国大使馆,但他们反应太慢。大使馆注意到了我,并在我加入ANSC后迅速做出了回应。虽然有点贵,但一切做完之后,这对我来说是非常值得的。我当时时间紧迫,ANSC的回复非常迅速、友好,并且对我的处境表示同情。我看得出来,每次我不停地询问更新情况时,他们都在努力加快进程,尽可能多地给我提供信息。你绝对不需要ANSC的服务来完成文件认证或签证文书工作,但他们确实减轻了一些令人头疼的问题。”

👤 Oanh L. / 来自内华达


  • “I'm impressed with the American Notary Service Center Inc. services. Your colleagues kept me informed on each steps I made by prompt email replies. Thank you very much."

  • (原文翻译)“American Notary Service Center Inc. 的服务给我留下了深刻的印象。您的同事通过及时的电子邮件回复让我了解我所做的每一步。 非常感谢。”

👤 Kwai K. C. / 来自纽约


  • “Very professional custom service in both Chinese and English. I ordered non-criminal and marriage certificate Apostille, and few other services. I think the service costs are reasonable and very efficient. It is highly recommended!"

  • (原文翻译)“非常专业的中英文定制服务。我订购了无犯罪记录和结婚证书的海牙认证,以及一些其他服务。我认为服务收费合理而且效率很高。强烈推荐!”

👤 James L. / 来自加州


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